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The mission of the Hawaii Bonsai Association is to promote the art and culture of bonsai to Hawaii's communities. This endeavor will be achieved by providing bonsai knowledge, exhibits, demonstrations, and educational programs, among other means. The Hawaii Bonsai Association will strive to serve as a resource to bonsai organizations throughout the State of Hawaii.

The major activities of the Hawaii Bonsai Association include displays and demonstrations at the Okinawa Festival at Labor Day sponsored by the United Okinawa Association of Hawaii and the ABC's of Bonsai classes offered in the fall during September to November. The HBA also conducts demonstrations at various commercial and cultural locations periodically throughout the year.
Membership in the HBA is based on nomination by a current member of the HBA and approval by the HBA general membership. Members of the HBA are expected to promote the art of bonsai by participating in and providing support for the activities of the HBA. The quarterly meetings of the HBA are focused on planning related to HBA activities.
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